Why Animation?

Animations are a great way to tell stories, explain complex information and make any subject exciting.

Our animations are created using storyboards and original illustrations, making sure the content represents your brand’s identity and personality. Our animators handle the entire production process, creating an entertaining and informative video that resonates with your audience.

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2D Animation

This animation style is perfect for all kinds of purposes. Especially when you want to explain complex information in a visually appeasing manner.

Collage Animation

Combining real photos and motion illustrations to create a visually appealing animation.

Kinetic Typography

Moving text that grabs your audience’s attention and conveys simple messages in a short amount of time.

Benefits of Animation

Tell exciting stories

No matter the topic, animation is used to create exciting stories that entertain and engage your audience.

Explain complex information

Animations are perfect for communicating with your audience. Especially for complex topics that are difficult to explain using traditional methods.

Visually appealing

Animation is psychologically appealing to viewers. Viewers enjoy bright colours, interesting designs and the different motions found within animation.

Stand out from the competition

Animations are eye-catching and allow for creative freedom. They allow you to express your brand identity through brand colours, fonts and other branded graphics.

Easy to make changes and re-purpose

This type of content is easy to change and update once completed. Helping increase the longevity and impact. An animated video can be repurposed into a new video entirely.

Process of Creating Animations

1. Meet

We meet you and get to know your business. You tell us more about the project, the animation's purpose and what you want it to achieve.

2. Script

After the meeting, we create a script detailing the animation's narrative. You review the script and proceed.

3. Create Visuals

We design visuals storyboards and visual style concept sheets. Voiceovers (if needed) are recorded. You review these files and sign them off.

4. Animate

Next, we start bringing the animation to life. Our animators create the first draft by combining visuals, sound effects, music and voiceovers.

5. First Draft

You receive the first draft of the animation. You review it via an interactive link and let us know if you want any amendments made.

6. Your Final Animation

We make those amendments and send you a link to download your final animated content. It's now ready for you to share!


How much does an animation cost to produce?

The cost of producing an animation varies. It depends on how complex the project is and what is required. Generally, an animated video is priced from £2,000 - £5,000+.

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How long does an animation take to produce?

This varies depending on the project. Generally, animations can take 6 weeks to produce.

This includes the pre-production to the delivery of the final video.

However, if you have a tight deadline and need your project sooner, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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