Why photography?

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality imagery, ready to use on multiple platforms. With a team of experienced photographers, professional equipment, and our own studio space, we offer a range of photography types to meet your needs.

First, we work with you to understand what images you’re looking for and how you want to use them. Next, we’ll capture the images. From there, we will edit your images to make sure they’re optimised for all platforms.

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Promotional Stock

We provide you with a library of high-quality images ready for you to use in a variety of ways to promote your brand.


Engaging visuals that show off your product to your audience. These images can entice customers to make a purchase.


A professional photograph of someone’s face, taken from shoulders up and with a clear focus. These can be used both internally and externally for your website and socials.


Event photography allows you to document an event. This could be used to show off the recent event and to advertise the next one.


Drones capture beautiful imagery from a scale that cameras on the ground just can’t.

Benefits of photography


High-quality imagery ensures your website and social media pages look professional and more engaging.


Photos can be used both online and offline. This includes: websites, social media, billboards, catalogues, event displays and much more.


Once you have a stock of powerful visuals created, you can use them repeatedly on a variety of channels.

Visual storytelling

A picture tells a thousand words. They allow your business to convey exactly what your business represents and the products/services you provide.

Stand out from the competition

There are so many different images and videos online, sharing your own powerful imagery is essential for you to stand out from the competition.

Process of photography

1. Meet

We meet you and get to know you and your business. You tell us more about the project and the photography you require.

2. Brief

From this meeting, we put together a brief and shotlist so you know exactly what photographs we'll capture.

3. Photography

We arrive on location with our photography and lighting equipment. We capture all the imagery required and head back to the office.

4. Editing

We edit the images using specialist editing software and following the agreed brief.

5. Review

We'll send over a link to the photography ready for you to review.

6. Your Final Photos

We provide a link to access and download your library of images. All photographs are ready to use and share!


How much does photography cost?

The cost of photography varies dependent on the project. For a non-obligation quote with full costings, get in touch.

How long does photography take to produce?

The length it takes it to produce photography depends on the project. Some photography projects are more complex than others.

We aim to turn around photography within 2-3 weeks but in some cases can turn projects around within 24-48 hours.

Where and how can I use photography?

Social media: Still-images make your social media platforms much more eye-catching and are proven to increase engagement. Especially when combined with graphics.

Website: Imagery is essential on most websites, use still-images to show off your brand and what makes it different.

Internally: Use images for internal resources.

Social advertising: Powerful images are perfect for social advertising.

Offline: Whether it's billboard or brochures, our images are perfect for print.

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