Working with Beefy Boys since 2014

The client

The Beefy Boys is a Herefordshire based burger restaurant created by four friends through their love for American style burgers and local produce.

Since 2014, we have been working alongside The Beefy Boys to create engaging content that has helped them promote their business, document their narrative, and develop brand credibility.

what we created:

They required content to promote both their brand and restaurants, helping increase footfall and awareness.

  • Promotional films advertising their restaurant
  • Recipe videos showing how they make various burgers
  • Cooking podcasts with well-known local figures
  • Documentation of their multiple journeys to World Food Championships in USA
  • Comedy series titled ‘The Devil’s Cookbook’
  • We also run and create social adverts to boost sales for their e-commerce store

Since 2019, Beefy Boys’ videos have generated over 16 million views on Facebook alone. Our social adverts also achieved an average ROAS of 9.72.

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