Social Adverts - How They Can Help Your Business

Social Adverts - How They Can Help Your Business

Social Adverts are pieces of content specifically created to be used in social media advertisements.

Social adverts usually take the form of either a still image or a short video. They’re designed to stop a user scrolling while on social media. The advert then communicates with the viewer and encourages them to take a specific action.

For example, a 15 second video from a brand on Facebook that encourages them to visit their website and purchase their product.

Social adverts are designed to be specifically targeted to the brand’s target audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook give brands the power to directly target their audience. Hence why it’s vital that you also have strategically created content that specifically speaks to that audience.

The adverts are content-based so are typically less disruptive than normal ads and blend in with the other content on a platform, subtly advertising your brand/products.

Social adverts are also an extremely versatile option as you can use video, photography and animation to showcase your brand/products, all while running multiple campaigns at once.


There are many benefits to social adverts:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Increase following on social media platforms
  • Reach new audiences and turn them into prospects
  • Generate quality conversions and sales

In order to utilise social adverts, you need to do your research. Start by understanding your brand and target audience, understand what makes you different to your competitors and how you can help your audience.

Next is to know your goals, what do you want the advert to do for the company: Do you want to see an increase sales? Generate website traffic? Encourage people to sign-up to your email list?

Answering these goals and questions will determine what type of content you will use for you social media ad campaign.

Another thing to think about, is what would action do you want the viewer to take after they’ve seen your advert? What’s your Call To Action (CTA)? Do you want them to buy your product, read your blog or fill out a form? Make sure your CTA is clear and encourages viewers to take that specific action.

Your target audience also plays a huge role in choosing what social media platform is best for your advert. Once you know who you’re targeting, advertise on the platforms where your target audience spend most of their time.

LinkedIn for example is for more B2B advertising, with a more professional audience and high-quality content. Whereas TikTok is generally a more younger audience allowing for more relaxed and amateur content to thrive.

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Understand your business objectives - What do you want to achieve from your Social Adverts?

Know your target audience - What kind of content do they like and what can you offer them?

Make it eye-catching - Use interesting shots and graphics that grab your audience’s attention.

Keep mobiles in mind - Social Adverts are primarily shown for mobile users, make sure the content created is designed specifically for those platforms.

Test and track results from your ads - This allows you to know how to get the most out of your money and the best quality ads.

Choose your platforms - Advertise on the platforms where your target audience spend most of the time.

Relevant to the platform - Make sure the advert you’re creating for the campaign is relevant to the platform you’re sharing it on. E.g TikTok ads need to be portrait and in similar format.

Overall, Social Adverts are all about sharing the best content and messaging for your brand. If you understand your goals, know where your audience is and produce engaging content to reach that audience… you’re pretty much there!

With our expertise in digital marketing, we can create a mixture of eye-catching content ready to be used in your social media ad campaigns. The content we create will have your brand, target audience and goals all in mind.

If you want to use Social Adverts to help promote your business, we can help you both plan your ad campaigns and create impactful and engaging content. Just get in touch!