Animation Video Content For Businesses

Animation Video Content For Businesses


Animation is the act of bringing to life something that otherwise isn’t (think of how Frankenstein wanted to reanimate his monster).

This translates to the act of simulating the movement of characters, objects or just about anything using many of the tools found within an animator’s toolbelt.

These animation tools work the same way a camera does; by creating frames that play in a sequence, creating the illusion of movement in front of your eyes.

However, unlike recorded footage, animation does not have the restrictions of physics and reality.

If you can imagine it, you can animate it.

When most people hear the word ‘animated’, they will most likely think of cartoons or Pixar films, but animation is almost everywhere.

With the ever-growing presence of technology, Animation is becoming more and more important within our everyday lives and therefore important for supporting our businesses.

Morgan Motors Animation


Annually brands like John Lewis, Compare The Market, Aldi and Heinz are pouring thousands (especially around Christmas), if not millions into animated advertisements.

But what exactly are the benefits of animation for your business? What if I don’t have a spare kidney to sell so I can fund a multimillion-pound Christmas advert featuring an adorable, animated merchandising opportunity?

Let’s start with the benefits for your business:

1. Not even the sky is the limit. When it comes to animation, you are only limited by time and the skill of your animator. E.g. if your content requires a visual that would either not be possible to film or would cost too much, then an animation could be your answer.

2. It’s cheaper. If you wish for your video to be set in multiple cities across the world but you don’t have the same budget as a James Bond movie, it's a lot more cost-effective to create a 2D animation.

3. Less stress. You could argue that it is simpler to point a camera at something and record it than to recreate it in a virtual space, but it depends on the complexity of your project. A relatively simple animated piece of content can be completed start to finish by one person with one computer.

4. Animation is psychologically appealing. Humans are psychologically drawn to the bright colours, interesting character design and the abundance of motion that is found within the animation. Animation has every aspect that elicits joy and captures people's attention and interests. And as we all know, the more your content is liked, the bigger impact it will have on your business.

5. Stand out. Your content is going to be thrown into an ocean of competitors when you release it. Animation can stand out from most other content simply because it’s eye-catching and you have a much larger range of freedom. It makes it easier to create something completely unique and uniqueness leads to more clicks.

6. Easy to make changes and re-purpose. As a business, it's good practice to regularly upload content that increases customer engagement and helps with general product awareness. Animated videos are much easier to change once completed, this is useful for when you simply need to make some amendments or update information, but it also works if you want to repurpose what you made into a new video entirely.


1. Mobiles in mind - With the drug that is social media rendering most of modern society, everyone is absorbing digital media at all hours of the day. Only 1.32% of people worldwide only access social media via their desktop computers, the other 98.68% use their phones.

Therefore it’s safe to assume that unless you are only interested in reaching a target audience of your nan who still has a Motorola (which it might be), you need to make your content suitable to be viewed on a phone or tablet.

2. Keep it eye-catching - As well as portraying information, visuals are important for grabbing and keeping your viewers’ attention. It has always been important to do this, but social media marketing takes this importance to another level as the viewer now has the option to scroll past content that fails to catch their eye.

Make sure your animation is aesthetically pleasing, including plenty of aspects like text, graphs and appealing colours. Due to how small the screens of mobile devices are, it’s also good to make your visuals bold, clear and eye-catching.

3. Soundless content - Audio is important for mobile device viewing, but not to the same level that visuals are.  Due to the mobile phones, your viewer could literally be anywhere in the world and quite often in public, therefore it’s much more common for your video to be viewed without sound. Being able to understand your video’s message without the sound is imperative!

4. Branding -  Keeping your business’s branding strong is important; it looks professional, helps convey your business’s values and generally helps set your business aside from the rest.  Animating your video always comes with many opportunities to emphasize your company’s branding.

Do you want animation created for your brand? Get in touch to find out how we can help!

Example of an animation we created for Blyncc