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We will work with you to create a social media video campaign that will make an impact!


The Process in Creating A Social Media Video

We offer an array of social media video options and advise you best to your campaign goals.

Reuse footage to create hype videos which are 10-30s edits to be released prior to the main video helping to increase engagement and social brand awareness. ​

Film and Edit bespoke social media videos for a specific campaign that tailored to your marketing strategy.

Styles Of Social Media Videos

There are two main formats of social media videos you can have created: 

See Examples Below

Stories format

News feed format

Click on the phone below to view video

Click on the phone below to view video

These videos are formatted with the aspect ratio of 1080x1920

These videos are formatted with the aspect ratio of 1080x1350

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Funnel traffic to a specific landing page

Engagement On Social Media

Promote Your Website, Your Different Social Media Platforms, Your Events & Current Activities

More Followers.

More Likes, Comments & Shares On Your Posts.

What Are Social Media Stories?

Stories have revolutionised the way we all interact with each other on social media with Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram all offering users the ability to upload key moments of their day as a story which is only active for 24hours.


As a brand, stories offer an incredibly effective way to interact with your followers. Stories can be used as a tool to funnel your audience to a more specific landing page by ‘swiping up’.

Examples of Social Media Stories

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 Social Media New Feed Videos

A simple scroll down your news feed on any social media platform will quickly demonstrate how beneficial, quality video content is at promoting your product or service.

News feed videos offer you the platform to significantly improve your engagement with your followers on social media; increasing your brand awareness. 

Examples of Social Media News Feed Videos

Social Media Video Advertisement

Paid advertisement for your videos is a fantastic method to increase your views, shares, like & comments. Crucially when done right, paid advertisement will increase your ROI on the video. 


We will work with you to help determine your target audience for the paid advertisement. From this we can create engaging social media videos that are as relevant to the target audience - Overall the video will significantly improve engagement with your audience.

Examples of Social Media Payed Advertisement


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