Our 1600sqft studio space is a flexible, open space that will bring your creative ideas to life. Within the controlled environment, our in-house team are fully equipped with top spec filming, photography and lighting equipment to make your brand look modern, stylish and desirable.

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Benefits of our Studio

Creative Freedom

Filming in our studio means we have complete control and creative freedom to create immersive scenes and engaging video content.

Access to Equipment

We’re equipped with a huge amount of equipment needed to bring your ideas to life. This includes multiple backdrops and all the necessary filming/lighting gear.

Tailor-made sets

With access to a variety of props and furniture, we can create custom scenes for your video ideas.

Process of using our Studio

1. Meet

We get to know you and your brand. You tell us more about the project and what goals you need to achieve.

2. Brief

After this, we put together a brief and shot list.

3. Capture

We capture all the footage in the studio, always following the brief.

4. Edit

We back up the footage and start editing. We put together a first draft and send it over to you.

5. Finishing Touches

We make any adjustments you want, add finishing touches such as the colour-grade, sound design and graphics.

6.) Final Video

We provide you with a link to download the final video. It's now ready for you to share for your successful crowdfunding campaign.

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