Why crowdfunding?

A crowdfunding video is a perfect way to inspire investment. We produce engaging video pitches which effectively portray your business's message, values and purpose.

With years of experience, we’ll help you communicate through engaging content tailor-made for a successful fundraising campaign.

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Benefits of crowdfunding videos

Powerful storytelling

A pitch video is the most powerful way to communicate with viewers, keep them engaged, and inspire potential investors to invest.

Increases trust

A crowdfunding video allows you to introduce yourself and your brand. It puts a face to your brand which in turn helps encourage investors to trust you.

Effective communication

Video content is by far the most effective way to communicate with potential investors. Graphics and animation can help highlight key figures important to your pitch.

Creative freedom

Crowdfunding videos give you the opportunity to get creative, show off your personality and help investors form a relationship with your brand.

Process of creating Crowdfunding videos

1. Meet

We meet you and get to know you and your brand. You tell us more about the project and what goals you need to achieve.

2. Brief

After this meeting, we put together a brief, script and shot list. All tailor-made for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

3. Film

We arrive on location with our specialist filming and sound equipment. We capture all footage (interviews and b-roll) and sound while following the brief.

4. Edit

We return to the office, back up the footage and start editing. We put together a first draft and send it over to you.

5. Finishing Touches

We make any adjustments you want, add finishing touches such as the colour-grade, sound design and graphics.

6. Final Video

We provide you with a link to download the final video. It's now ready for you to share for your successful crowdfunding campaign!


How much does a crowdfunding video cost to produce?

Prices for a crowdfunding video vary depending on many factors.

In general, a crowdfunding video can cost between £1,500 - £3,000+.

For a free, no-obligation quote complete with full costings, get in touch.

How long does crowdfunding take to produce?

The time taken to produce a crowdfunding video depends on the project. Generally, the post-production process takes around 6 weeks.

This includes creating the brief, script, shot list, filming, editing and any amendments.

However, we can always speed up the process to meet tight deadlines. If you need a project created that requires a quick turnaround, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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