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The Worlds Best Burgers!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Founded by a passion for weekend BBQs, films and working with friends, Dan, Murf, Lee and Christian front The Beefy Boys and with their team, create the World’s Best Burgers!

The Brief

For social media, we produce ‘Viral Videos’ that last up to 90 seconds. These promote the process of creating their delicious burgers. Other video formats for The Beefy Boys include a 15-25 min cooking show, bloopers and short form 2-3 min ‘movie inspired’ stories. We have also filmed and photographed The Beefy Boys compete at The World Food Championships Las Vegas 2014, Florida 2015 and Alabama 2016 & 2017.

Working collaboratively with The Beefy Boys, Shooting Reels are currently producing an on-going mockumentary, action/horror web-series. We are also piloting and pitching the web-series for greater distribution and streaming platforms.

The Outcome

By running competitions and collaborating with other business’ and social media ‘influencers’ such as ‘DJ BBQ’, ‘The Food Bible’ and ‘Wye Valley Brewery’; they continue to develop their brand and engage with their customers, with entertaining content.

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