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Fruit! Glorious Fruit!

Being based in the beautiful agricultural county of Herefordshire we are never far from a fruit grower! Our recent work over the past two years with A.J & C.I Snell has brought exciting and stunning work, really showcasing the land and produce of our county.

A.J and C.I Snell is one of the UK's leading fresh and frozen fruit growers, growing an impressive 1000 tonnes of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, along with a further 700 tonnes of conventional and soil association organic blackcurrants.

The wonderful Anthony and Christine Snell, owners of A.J & C.I Snell, approached us to make an informative and creative film to show consumers their summer harvest of all their fruits ready for distribution.

We set out to create the harvest film...

Due to the great success of the harvest film we raised our game with an ambitious project working across 12 months, documenting the process of growing and harvesting fruit at the farm. This was an exciting challenge, from start to finish!

It was paramount from the beginning to make sure all four seasons were documented showing the changing land and essentially a field to fruit process.

The use of our drone showed the vast size of the farm and scale of production. We were able to track the tractors and farm hands in the fields ploughing and sowing seeds to show the scale of planting for each fruit.

Then with our RoninM rig and tripod-based camera setups we were able to capture a variety of scenarios and processes throughout the project. We played with a few different styles of filming from, slow motion to time lapses to make the film more dynamic.

We returned to the farm every 3 months to capture the development of the fruits and the preparation for the next step in the growth process.

We were one of the fortunate few to take advantage of the severe winter weather within Herefordshire and raced to the farm, capturing shots of it in a winter setting, showing how the farm functions during the winter time – perfect for the winter season section.

We used this time as an opportunity to capture some beautiful aerial shots of the farm covered in snow and stayed until magic hour to get that perfect sunset shot with the last of the sun glowing off the perfect white snow – the types of shots money can’t buy..!

Due to the timing of the project, we started essentially in the middle of the year and ran through to the following year. We banked all the footage as soon as it came back from the shoot and built an edit for each ‘season’. Once all four seasons were shot, the edits were combined and the long process of editing the footage began..!

The edit process was lengthy but exciting, it was one of the few edits due to the length we were spoilt for choice on content and the tricky task was cutting down the amount of footage to fit within the chosen film length. We enjoyed the process of the edit and once we were able to add in the ‘Winter Season’ shots that really helped to shape and define the video.

When the ‘Fruit Farming in Four Seasons’ was finally released we had very happy clients and it was extremely well received on social media and creating a great response from not only our following, but many from the agricultural and farming sector.

We had an absolute blast with the project and looking forward to creating some more exciting video content with A.J. & C.I. Snell in the near future!

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