Promote your School, College or University with video!

Attract student/pupils to your school, college or university through the power of video content.

Shooting Reels will work with you to produce cost effective video content that highlights the greatest aspects of your school, college or university.


Why Have A Promotional Video?

A 1-2-minute promotional video of your school, college or university will allow the pupil, student or parent to quickly grasp a strong understanding of why they should choose your school, college or university.

Examples of a promotional videos below.

Why Have Course Videos?

Every course your institution offers will be applicable for some and not for others. Course videos provide the platform to visually provide information which will attract students and parents to a specific course that you offer.


Each video produced will be specific to the course by combining footage captured from course related activities alongside interviews from course tutors and current students.


This will showcase honest views of what past/current students have gained from being on the course and what future job opportunities are in line for them.


Overall the viewer will be intrigued by the course and develop a strong understand what would be expected of them throughout their time on the course.

Find below examples of education course videos.


HCA BA (Hons) Performing Arts

HCA BA (Hons) Popular Music

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What Are Event Videos? 

From sports day to Christmas/Summer balls, to the various events that occur at your institution have engaging videos produced which highlight the greatest moments of these events.


These can be uploaded on social media as part of your marketing strategy and/or be sent to current and potentially future parents and students, so they can keep up to date with current events that are happening at your school, college or university.

Find below examples of education event videos.

HCA Graduation 2018

Lucton School Food Festival 2018

HCA Summer Show 2018

Lucton School Cross Country


What are 'Shadow Your School' Videos? 

Footage that Shooting Reels capture over the course of 12 months can be combined to create a 12 month highlight video.


This video will showcase all the fantastic moments that have occurred at your school, college or university over the 12 months in one engaging highlights video.

To see an example of a 'shadow your school video' watch the video below.

Why Have An Education Banner Video? 

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video?  


Have a Website/Facebook banner video produced which makes your page stand out! Provide parents and students/pupils with visual information regarding who you are but also leaves them intrigued to find out more and continue to explore your website and/or social media feed for further information.


Don't forget, banner videos are also a fantastic method to enhance your SEO. The video will result in your audience staying on your website for a longer period of time. This is a huge ‘tick’ within the google algorithms, overall bumping your rankings on google.

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