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How To Make Your Brand Stand-Out With Video?

The power of producing brand promotional video content to attract a large audience to be developed into a financial gain is nothing new. It is no coincidence that for more than half a century well-established companies have been utilising video marketing through TV adverts to expand their brand value and capture an even greater audience.


Thankfully, the evolution of technology and the developments of social media platforms has resulted in advertising video content of your brand being more accessible than ever before.


Shooting Reels are specialists at creating engaging, story-driven brand videos. The brand videos created will resonate with your audience on an emotional level such as surprise, comedic, sadness or happiness, we work with you to create a video that represents your brand and provokes a long-lasting impression with more than just your present audience.

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Social Strategy 

Tailored social media videos to run alongside your main brand video are a fantastic method to help organically increase the engagement with your brand video and help funnel traffic to specific landing pages from ​your social media accounts. 

During the pre-production we work with you to analyse who your specific target audience is for the brand video and from this we can develop social media specific videos which would be of interest to your target audience - This method can also be used to significantly increase your ROI from payed advertisement on the videos. 

If required, prior to release we will advise you with suggestions of how to best use the video to help you successfully exceed your marketing objective with the videos created. 

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Social Media Video 

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 Social Media Video

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The Process In Creating A Brand Video


We work with you to plan out the video concept, the look/feel and style, write the script, decide on locations and set design. 


Our professional film crew comes together at the desired locations with our specialist equipment.

Post Production

Our post production team shapes the narrative, adds audio, music, graphics and colour grades your film.

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