5 Of The Best Video Marketing Examples To Get You Inspired

5 Of The Best Video Marketing Examples To Get You Inspired

Looking to create video content for your digital marketing campaign but unsure of what video to actually create? We understand that sometimes coming up with creative ideas for videos can be tough. To help you out, here are some of our favourite video marketing examples to give you some creative inspiration.

1.) Movember:

Brand: Movember is an annual event that involves the growing of moustaches during November to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

Aim: Raise awareness for their cause and increase participation in campaigns.

Video: This advert for Movember reminds us: it’s not all doom and gloom. Taking a negative and sensitive topic such as cancer and instead putting a positive spin on the topic. The video is only 30 seconds long and in such a short time manages to invoke a wide range of emotions while also enforcing a solid brand message and advertising their cause. With catchy music in the background, a funny voiceover and snappy cuts, the video remains engaging and hits the target audience in all the right places. This ends up being a great video marketing example, job done.

2.) Beautiful Destinations:

Brand: Beautiful destinations are a company that specializes and promotes travelling in many forms. They’re a group of storytellers who travel around the world and share stories to inspire others, teach people about the right ways to travel and even offer guides and products of their own.

Aim: Advertise their brand and Youtube channel.

Video: It seems fitting that their recent promo video shows off the beauty of Turkey by using an FPV Drone. (Fast, agile drones that are perfect for freestyle flying and racing). These specific drones are perfect for capturing engaging video content and some amazing footage.

As you can see, the scenery speaks for itself. What is original and so engaging about this video is the use of the FPV drone, flying through the sky, capturing mesmerizing and truly unique angles that a ‘standard’ drone could never achieve. The Turkish style music, smooth transitions and ‘whoosh’ sound effects all come together to create something truly unique and exciting.

3.) Nickel Brook Brewing Co:

Brand: Nickel Brook is an award-winning Canadian business that specializes in making Craft Beer using local premium ingredients. To advertise their latest product: ‘Wicked awesome IPA’ they demonstrated that thinking outside of the box is beneficial for any great marketing campaign and took to the skate park.

Aim: Advertise their latest product interestingly and engagingly.

Video: To advertise their latest product: ‘Wicked awesome IPA’ they demonstrated that thinking outside of the box is beneficial for any great marketing campaign and took to the skate park.

Sound effects (when done right) is in many ways more important than the video, adding further atmosphere and immersion.

The video combines eye-catching transitions, slow-motion and some brilliant skateboarding tricks with seriously crisp and immersive sounds. The footage is cut to the beat with both the combination of footage and sound it makes for a much more engaging and satisfying video. The small details in the sound design truly matter and make for an unforgettable brand video.

4.) Varsity Trip

Brand: Varsity Trip is an official annual ski trip organized for Oxford and Cambridge students. First founded in 1922, Varsity has a LOT of history. There’s no better way to explore this in the form of an action-packed, entertaining video. And that’s exactly what they did.

Aim: Raise awareness for the Varsity Trip and showcase its history.

Video: This video is as unique as it gets. It’s eye-catching, engaging and colourful. The video’s objective is to show off the history of the Varsity Trip and how style, gear, and technology has changed with the only consistency being young people enjoying a skiing trip. With catchy music, immersive sounds and creative shots, a two-minute marketing video has been made to feel like a 20-second burst of entertainment. Perfect.

5.) Nike Never Too Far Down Ad

Brand: In this video marketing example, we take a look at Nike, an American multinational corporation that develop and manufacture footwear, apparel, equipment and services. Largely associated as a sports brand.

Aim: Brand Awareness, to engage and entertain viewers and encourage shares on social media.

Video: Instead of directly advertising their products, they focus on content that is engaging, shareable and creates an emotional response from the viewer. This video is designed to make a strong emotional impact. The music, inspirational voiceover and famous sports moments are all expertly put together to cause an unforgettable and goosebumps inducing video.

Everyone knows who Nike is, this ad is designed to keep the brand relevant and develop content that will encourage shares online and likely go viral.

Five Great Video Marketing Examples:

Hopefully, these five video content examples have helped you gain a better understanding of what makes a good marketing video and will enable you to adapt these various styles into your marketing strategies. While you may not have the budget and resources to create a Nike advert, there’s still plenty of insipration you can take from all of the videos above to use when creating your own video content.

If you’re looking to create video marketing for your brand/business and need some advice or more inspiration, get in touch!

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