Video Marketing Content for Selling Products

Video Marketing Content for Selling Products

Video marketing for selling products is extremely useful. Whether you’re promoting your product in an entertaining way, or showing customers how to use it. Video can help you deliver vast amounts of information efficiently when compared to long paragraphs of text. However, you may be wondering what types of video would be most effective when marketing your product, read more to find out…

Brand Videos:

Many commercial products that are targeted towards consumers look to create engaging video marketing content that show off their product and what it can do.

Some brands even like to get creative and use video marketing techniques such as green screens, stop-motion and much more.

Brand videos are great for social media, email marketing and online advertisements to raise awareness about your brand.

Making your product stand out while informing your audience of what it’s capable of is important, doing this in a more entertaining way will leave a lasting impression.

Here's one of many videos we created for Wye Valley Brewery, focusing on their brand/product in a simple yet effective way.

Explainer Videos:

There are also more complicated products on the market with technical aspects that may require a certain level of skill to use it.

Explainer videos are more informative and educational.

These videos can include animations or infographics explaining technical specs of a product or even demo/how-to videos showing how to use the product while also exploring the benefits the product provides.

Explainer videos are useful for selling products to both clients and other businesses, providing them with an in-depth explanation at how your product can help a certain business or industry.

Educating audiences about what makes your product so great is essential.

An example video we created for ETL Systems, giving in-depth technical information about their high-tech products in an entertaining way.

Product Photography:

While it’s not video, photography also has its uses.

Images of your products can be used for e-commerce sites, marketing materials and websites.

Images are similar to video in the sense that you can get as creative as you want, depending on the purpose of the image of course.

For example, some brands will take eye-catching photos of their products for Instagram, surrounding themselves with certain objects or backgrounds that relate to that brand.

Colcombe House Ciders
Product Photography taken for Colcombe House Ciders, these images can be used for both social media and an e-commerce site.


People want to see the face behind your brand, making your business and customer service feel that little more personal.

Headshots can be used for both internal resources such as staff newsletters/emails and also for websites, such as the ‘About Us’ page.

These images can be as creative or as professional as you desire, this once again depends on where and how you will be using them.

Head shots taken for Clear Storage Hereford's website.
Some team headshots taken for Clear Storage Hereford's website.

How We Can Help:

Video is perfect for selling and promoting your products, they’re entertaining and lead to high conversions.

Our 1600sqft studio space is a flexible, open space that serves as a blank canvas to bring your creative ideas to life.

Within the controlled environment, our inhouse team come equipped with top-spec filming & photography equipment and all the necessary lighting equipment to make your brand look modern, stylish and desirable.

The limits to what you can’t create in our studio are endless.

If you want to find out more about video marketing for products and want to see how we can help bring your ideas to life, get in touch!

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